The Most Promising Career Opportunities in Africa

The Most Promising Career Opportunities in Africa

Economic experts envision the next decade as one of the best periods for career opportunities growth in the continent. With a big majority of young adults and a bursting employment development, Africa is at the forefront for visionary investors.

So if you are planning your future, this is the perfect time to think way ahead for your next career. Either for a career change or before embarking into University, you are living in the perfect Eden of opportunities. Lay out a list of jobs you’d see yourself into. Then check with our own list of most promising career opportunities below to see what matches!


Being part of the trending professions in our continent, health offers a wide range of career opportunities. Between the years of 2011 and 2016, there has been a growth of 14% for the Health and Medical Practitioners professions. If you love helping others, then this might be just the right career path for you! What’s more, health doesn’t only mean being a physician.
Universities now offer a variety of options for those that feel the call to help others. Though it might be tough to access some of the degrees, there’s always something for everybody.
In order to be ready for career opportunities in health, make sure to specialise your studies into:

Promising Career Opportunities in Health: Chemist, Doctor (with all its varieties such as Anaesthetist, Paediatrician, General Physician, Radiographer, Psychiatrist, etc.), Nurse, Microbiologist, Ambulance assistant, Chiropractor, Dentist, Herbalist, Veterinary, etc.


If something gives you the freedom to create, that is definitely being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship will lead you to many failures and successes, and ultimately a constant adrenaline rush! Even though it’s not an easy path, entrepreneurship has seen a booming rise in Africa.
During the same period as mentioned above (2011-2016), entrepreneurship has increased a 20%. It definitely offers a variety of career opportunities. So, if you feel like you have a great idea, a love for business and management, then the career opportunities that entrepreneurship brings are your cup of tea!
You can be an entrepreneur in any field, but they all have certain aspects in common. So make sure to increase your knowledge in:

Promising Career Opportunities in Entrepreneurship: Sales, Marketing, Food industry, Software and IT, Construction, Consultants, Advisors, etc.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Not only in Africa but worldwide, this field is raging with career opportunities and personal growth. With the rise of personal computers just a few decades ago, this field is still in its early ages. The opportunities keep presenting in new ways. The latest World Economic Forum report on professions in Africa puts ICT at the forefront of growing career opportunities in the continent.
What’s more, being a certified professional in the field will give you the necessary experience to work both in Africa and abroad, and teach others in the future.
If you’re attracted to computers, software, engineering, then this is your field of choice.
To be ready for the variety of career opportunities in ICT, you will need to study some of the following:

Promising Career Opportunities in ICT: Quality Assurance, Data Center Management, Program Analyst, Data Analyst, Information Security, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Business Management & Administration

Extremely related to the entrepreneurship field, business management also provides the adrenaline rush but without the direct risk. If you like organising and managing teams, increase revenues, achieve milestones, take on challenges… then the career opportunities that business management brings are definitely your thing!
Between 2011 and 2016, Business Management has been a trending profession, with a 16% growth. If you want to be the next big fish in the business, then you will find thousands of career opportunities to choose from. The best studies to prepare you for these are:

Promising Career Opportunities in Business Management & Administration: Management consultant, Business analyst, Chartered management accountant, Operational Manager, Risk Manager, Project Manager, Stockbroker, etc.

Banking and Finance

Money moves the world, or that’s what they say! And because this world cannot function without a proper money management, there’s an increasing need for professionals in this sector. Seeing a constant growth in the market between the years of 2011 and 2016, Finance is the 7th biggest career path in our current society.
If your attention to detail is outstanding and you love being in control of things, then the career opportunities in this field will fill your dreams!
Many are the aspects to keep in mind for these career opportunities, but as a common ground you should have knowledge of:

Promising Career Opportunities in Banking and Finance: Chartered accountant, Bank manager, Trust officer, Financing consultant, Business finance manager, CFO, etc.

Creative Industry

Previous generations may still be reluctant to think about the creative field. However, it is not a joke market. With a growth of up to 14% depending on the specialisation, creative professions are on a rise! At the top 11 and growing, Arts and Design is something to take seriously into account for your future.
If you’re a creative person, you care about how things are made and look, you believe in aesthetic perfection… then you found your field! The career opportunities will open up for you if you study:

Promising Career Opportunities in the Creative Industry: UX designer, 2D/3D artist, Web designer, Architect, Interior designer, Industrial designer, History of art lecturer, etc.

Don’t let your present dictate your future, there’s always time for a change. If you’re planning to start University any time soon, make sure to keep your eyes wide open for new career opportunities arising in your area. And with these amazing prospects, we should all reconsider our career opportunities and look forward to the future!