Personal and Professional development

Personal and Professional development

Albert Einstein says that if you continue doing always the same thing, you’ll achieve the same results. Therefore, in order to be  successful, we need to abandon our comfort zone and continue evolving because our attitude and what we do will mark our personal growth. This maturity that we’ll achieve will be extended to all areas of our life, turning us into professionals that any company would like in their team. That is because personal and professional development are closely related. We’ll show you how.

Personal and professional development: personal characteristics that help you be a better professional


  • Values. Being an upright and honest person who behaves consistently is undoubtedly one of the main values that anyone can bring to their working lives. These aspects are linked and that should be reflected in the way of acting in the workplace.


  • Humility. Humility is a virtue that is learned and exercised throughout life. It is to recognize one’s limitations and recognize the worth of others.


  • Optimism. Seeing things from a positive point of view will be transmitted into the workplace. Nothing is more discouraging than working with someone who always thinks that everything will go wrong. Instead, spread an optimistic attitude.


  • Persistence. Being perseverant and working hard is essential to achieving career goals. Those who do not give up in any aspect of life end up conquering most of their goals and, what is essential in the workplace, spreading his attitude to the team.


  • Commitment. Most companies require today a commitment that goes beyond being present. It is required to consider the company as yours and live their successes and failures as if they were your own. If you are a committed person, it will be easier to establish links with the company.


  • Organization. Being organized is very useful in the workplace. All companies value very positively a person who is able to plan a series of actions and comply with the guidelines.


Professional skills that lead us to improve our personal development:


  • Initiative: Being able to make decisions, to initiate projects and encourage action. This skill is highly valued by companies and also facilitates the achievement of personal projects.


  • Leadership. Those who want to be leaders in the workplace need to develop a number of qualities that they will also put in practice in their personal life, such as the ability to make decisions, identifying goals or team management.


  • Work management. Those who can manage well their duties will also be able to do the same on a personal level. A person who learns to be organized in their work will use that knowledge on his personal life.


  • Capacity for interpersonal relations. Communication and willingness help create a good working environment. Having an open and tolerant attitude facilitates interaction with others in a personal and professional level.


  • Flexibility. Nobody wants a worker who will not move from their position. Flexibility is vital and can be adapted not only to working conditions, but also those who are around.


  • Teamwork. Teamwork is essential and learning to do it is not as simple as we think. It needs being humble, listening and if our role requires it, commanding.


Tips for improving personal and professional development


  • Self-knowledge. When you know yourself as a professional you know yourself as a person. You will know your strengths but also your weaknesses, which will make you a better worker because you will know how to exploit the first and minimize the latest


  • Training. If we want to grow in the job market training has to be constant. In a world that is evolving at breakneck speed continuous education is essential, growing through learning. Yes, you should try to enrich your profession and avoid staying behind.
  • Definition of objectives. Which goals do you want to achieve in the short and long term? Do these objectives involve changes on a personal level? Verbalize your goals, analyze how to achieve them and rethink them if you think they are unrealistic.